Boutique Realty Difference

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What do you expect from a Boutique Real Estate Agency?

If it’s a specialist service, attention to detail and a focus on your individual needs – then that’s the boutique difference and approach you would see in Stellario. While a large agency may have the brand recognition, you will be just another address in the system for them. In addition, we do not have the huge overheads of larger agencies, hence our commission and marketing fees are so much more competitive. Sadly, the larger agencies tend to plug you into their system and then let you move through their processes almost in a robotic fashion, before moving on to the next client. The process could feel rather rushed and impersonal. Our Real Estate Boutique service at Stellario is very different.

When you wish to sell your home, there are some key points that will make a huge difference as to whether it is an enjoyable experiences free of mistakes and importantly achieves the price that you want. That is the first tip: getting the price right. Your home is only worth what the market is willing to pay at that point in time.

Does it need a good clean up? Maybe some paitings and landscaping? Think about adding value to your home. Definitely do not try to cover up existing problems, but make any repairs prior to placing your home on the market. Also make use of the Property Disclaimer form to make sure that buyers know what they are buying.

When you list your home for sale with Stellario, you have my personal guarantee that we will woprk harder and smarter to sell your home at the best possible highest price. Like so many of our client, you will thank your “lucky” stars that you decided to list your home for sale with us.

If you are looking for a boutique Real Estate agent in Wishart, Mansfield, Mackenzie and the surrounding suburbs – call us today to book an appraisal and experience the Boutique Realty Difference!!