Lucky’s Blog: July 2017

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2017 is now past the half way point, almost hard to believe how quickly time can go by. Our year so far has been filled with sales, additional staff, renovations, and continued community sponsorship projects here, and overseas. This year, I took another trip to my country of origin, Sri Lanka. Stellario had already completed a huge sponsorship project this year, donating many food bags, artificial limbs, and cataract lenses. Tragically, this year Sri Lanka was struck by some of the worst floods that the small country has experienced. It has affected 15 districts, displaced 600,000 people, killed at least 200, with nearly 100 more missing. I returned to the country to donate another $3000 AUD in food bags for the locals.

While I was helping out in Sri Lanka, my staff had their hands full back in Brisbane. Along with our normal sales, the team was also upgrading Stellario’s office, in a long overdue renovation. Now sporting a fresh paint job, new carpet and vinyl flooring, new desks, new window displays, and a new client waiting area in front of our revamped reception area. Although we’re still waiting to put the last few finishing touches on our refurbishment, we’re very pleased with our new office and hope it will serve us and the community for many years to come.