Trends that have become classics

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Trends come and go but classics last forever. But we can’t help noticing that some interior trends seem to be sticking. So are they classics yet? We can’t help but notice, though, that some of the interior ‘trends’ we’re seeing have been around for a long time – or they’ve resurfaced after a brief hiatus.

Pantone’s ‘Neutral Grey’ represented the hue in Fall 2017’s New York fashion colour report and Shaynna Blaze covers just about everything she touches in a dove grey. With its status as the new neutral, we think there’s very little chance of grey going anywhere for a very long time.

Genuine timbers, much loved by architects, designers and interior stylists across the world, have the ability to make any space instantly inviting. The use of natural timbers has become a ‘classic’ style in our homes because of the ability to create warmth and texture.

Will marble ever really go out of style? Natural stones will always be coveted and marble is the crème de la crème – a symbol of luxury that is at once stylish and void of ostentation.

Open-plan living is not only a classic – it’s an expected design feature in any home. In fact, it’s hard to believe there was a time when living and dining areas were sectioned off with walls, darkened in the process.