What’s an Off-Market Sale?

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Do you know what is an off-market sale? Off-market is a term used to define a property that is selling or has been sold without any public advertising. Recently we are selling a great number of properties without advertising due to our strong buyers database.

So, how does it works? This is one of the benefits of working and living local – we know our community well enough to build solid relationships in the area. As soon as a property is listed with us we are able to identify if there is a potential buyer looking for something similar in our established database. From families to investors, we have a list of qualified buyers looking for a home just like yours. It’s a match!

Off-market sales offer many advantages for vendors. Firstly, they manage to maintain their privacy. Secondly, they don’t need to worry about preparing the house for photographs and inspections with lot’s of potential buyers walking around the property. Thirdly and most importantly, sellers can save a lot on marketing and advertising cost.

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